Anger Management Therapy

Anger is an emotion that we all experience sometimes. But if your anger keeps getting the better of you, it probably means you need some help.

To help clients with their anger and the resulting problems, I will use a cognitive behavioural approach. This method is really effective – it challenges and changes your thinking because all anger is a result of what we think!

Some people feel a more extreme sense of anger than others and can find it hard or seemingly impossible to manage. Anger is totally normal – but if your anger is leading to unwanted and troublesome outbursts, then you could use help.

My Anger Management Therapy will help
  • Examine the triggers for your anger and understand them
  • Look at your own unhealthy beliefs attached to anger
  • Reassess some of the unhelpful beliefs about anger
  • Understand how anger affects our close relationships
  • Take responsibility for your own arousal to anger
  • Modify your unhelpful expression of anger

The goal of anger therapy is to get to a stage where you can articulate, rather than demonstrate your anger. Knowing how to recognise and express anger in the correct way will help you reach your goals, solve problems and handle emergencies. My anger therapy will focus on identifying and modifying the beliefs that cause your anger and together we will develop strategies to allow you to communicate in a more effective and positive way. This may include learning to become assertive and how to handle anxiety if that is a contributory factor.

Anger management therapies are very effective if you are open to understanding and changing some of your beliefs and behaviours. A relatively small number of anger management sessions may be adequate to provide you with a new way of managing your anger issues.