Anger Management One to One Therapy

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Anger is an extreme emotion that will be familiar to many people as it something that we all experience at certain times. But some people feel a more extreme sense of anger than others and can find it hard or impossible to manage.

But neither is allowing the full and unchecked expression of your anger which can lead to undesirable outcomes.

If you suffer from Anger related issues and you live in the Stockport area then I can help. Just Contact me at Stockport Counselling for a quick chat or by email and I will happily explain the type of help that I can provide.

Anger is a most basic emotion. It is natural and normal to get angry about things. In fact, if you think you are never angry, then there is a problem! Anger is a force to be reckoned with and needs to be expressed appropriately. i If it is not expressed, it can leads to mental health issues and even physical problems.

What are symptoms of an anger problem?

  • Explosive outbursts that cannot be controlled
  • Domestic Violence and controlling behaviour
  • Rages when driving or at work
  • Depression or anxiety may indicate introverted anger
  • Alcohol or drug dependence may cover an anger problem

Causes of Anger

There are many reasons why people are unable to control their anger. Often it is a family or cultural pattern that has never been questioned. In some families women may not express anger; in others being angry is unacceptable and a sign or failure for all. We all have triggers for our anger whether it is a person pushing in front of a queue or being ignored. Understanding what they are and re-examining our thoughts around them can be among the first steps to managing anger.

Stockport Anger Management Counselling can help:

  • Examine the triggers for our anger and understanding them
  • Look at our own unhealthy beliefs attached to our anger
  • Reassess some of the unhelpful beliefs about anger in our family
  • Understand how anger affects our close relationships
  • Take responsibility for our own arousal to anger

Anger can be:

  • Used effectively to sort out injustices and grievances
  • Disowned and take on a life of its own – as in aggressive behaviour
  • Disconnected and projected into those around us
  • Turned inwards, initially for safety, resulting in depression

The goal of anger management is to reduce the feelings and arousal that anger creates. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help people to manage their anger, other forms of counselling may help to explore the underlying issues. Knowing how to recognise and express anger in the correct way can help individuals reach their goals, solve problems and handle emergencies – and have their needs met.

As a fully trained integrative counsellor I am familiar with providing anger management therapy in Stockport and have several Stockport anger management clients that will vouch for the effectiveness of the anger management help that I provide. I am able to select from a range of possible therapies to identify the approach to your anger management that will offer the fastest, most effective and permanent solution. And you will soon learn to deal with your anger in a constructive manner and without suppressing or venting it.

Anger management therapy will focus on identifying and modifying the beliefs that cause your anger and together we will develop strategies to allow you to communicate your anger in a more effective and positive way, including learning to become assertive and how to control anxiety if that is a contributory factor.

Anger management therapies are very effective if you are open to understanding and changing some of your beliefs and behaviours. A relatively small number of anger management sessions may be adequate to provide you with a new way of managing your anger issues.

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