Moderate depression counselling

Most people in the UK will experience moderate depression at some point in their lives.

But not all people choose to get the right treatment for moderate depression.

There’s no need, however, to suffer the upsetting symptoms of moderate depression.

Counselling provides dramatic help to people suffering from moderate depression.

Moderate depression can seem indistinguishable from more major depression, but the key difference is severity not type of symptoms.

How debilitating someone’s depression is, and whether they can still function helps to define whether someone has moderate or major depression.

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Diagnosing Moderate Depression

Moderate depression is diagnosed by listening to someone, namely about how they feel.

The symptoms of moderate depression can include any of the following:

  • Low mood (for two weeks or more)
  • Lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sleeping too much
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Poor motivation
  • Lack of appetite or Eating too much (comfort eating)
  • Persistent fatigue, poor concentration or indecisiveness
  • Recurrent thoughts or preoccupation with death or suicide
  • Increased alcohol or drug consumption
  • Withdrawal from family or friends
  • Persistent apathy or lethargy

It’s natural that everyone at some time may feel lower than at other times, and have occasional occurrences of these symptoms.

However, moderate depression is when these symptoms are experienced for a number of weeks.

Moderate Depression Treatment

Stockport Counselling Services are expert and experienced in counselling people with moderate depression.

We offer an integrated approach to moderate depression counselling, choosing the best approach for you.

We find some people with moderate depression respond best to cognitive behavioural therapy, which examines the way someone thinks and the effect that has on their feelings.

We will also help find the root causes of someone’s moderate depression to ensure we prevent any future outbreaks.

Taking the first step and seeking help for moderate depression tends to be the most difficult step.

But, it is important to put your well being first and take that step, as counselling makes a huge difference to anyone experiencing moderate depression.

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At Stockport Counselling Services, we have successfully treated people with moderate depression for many years, and would welcome the opportunity to make a difference to your life too.

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