Relationship counselling is a particular form of counselling that helps you relate better to others, specifically those with whom you have close relationships such as friends and family.

You don’t have to bring another person along if you don’t want to, or if they are uncertain about the need to seek counselling help. Much can be gained by coming to counselling on your own. At Stockport Counselling I provide a variety of expert relationship counselling techniques to people with relationship issues who live the Stockport area. I can help you to form better relationships with your loved ones and those close to you in life. Even if you’re not in a committed relationship, counselling can still help.

Perhaps you are struggling to find a partner, or maybe you are experiencing the same problems in relationships over and over again and want to find out why this is happening. Relationship Counselling and Couples Counselling are intrinsically similar, but with couples counselling it is likely that you and your partner will attend for relationship counselling together.

We have a separate section on our website dedicated to Counselling for Stockport Families where we explain how we can help with relationship crises within the family unit – see our Family Counselling page.

If you are a couple experiencing a relationship crisis, or maybe you are drifting apart as a couple, counselling can bring a lot more clarity to your relationship. Has your partner had an affair? If so, this does not necessarily signal the end of your relationship. Affairs are often a manifestation of communication breakdown and Couples Counselling facilitates honest communication and can bring couples back together, even after one or the other has “strayed”‘.

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As a counsellor I will not judge either party, or lay guilt or blame on either individual. My job is to find out what you really want as a couple, and how to forge on and get past present difficulties (and become stronger as a result!)

An increasing number of people are seeking counselling before they get married or enter into a committed relationship, to iron out any issues they feel may become stumbling blocks in the future. This is an excellent way to begin your life together!

My fees for Relationship Counselling are very competitive and the reasonable cost is certainly a small price to pay to help you with the closest and most important relationships in your life.

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