Sexuality Counselling

Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual?

Nobody knows what makes a person lesbian, gay or bisexual. You cannot control your sexuality, so you might as well be happy with it!  You haven’t done anything wrong and your feelings are not wrong or abnormal.

It can be a lonely time finding out you’re sexuality is different to the majority, and counselling can help.

Sexuality Counselling

Confusion about your sexuality can be very distressing. Some people know they are gay from an early age, others need time to make sense of their sexuality. Some people are only attracted to people of the same sex. Others are attracted to both men and women in varying degrees. People can change, or be unsure of their sexuality.

Many people feel attracted to someone of their own sex at some point in their lives, many actually have a same sex encounter or ‘phase’. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay, but it can be confusing. I have counselled many people who are in a confused state about their sexuality, and most come away feeling much clearer and happier with who they are.

If you already know that you’re gay…

Coming Out Counselling

Lots of people fear coming out because they are afraid of judgement and rejection from their family or friends. Whilst parents may struggle at first to learn that you are gay, most come to terms with it fully. (Even the seemingly homophobic ones).

My counselling will help you to reach a point where you are confident and at peace with your sexuality. Then you can approach your loved ones from a position of greater strength.

If your loved ones ARE struggling…

This can be a stressful time for you. You’ve come out to your folks, and they are having a hard time dealing with it. They will come round, but in the meantime my counselling will be very helpful in regaining strength and confidence to ride out the storm.

For sexuality counselling in Manchester or Stockport just call me now for a discrete chat or to make an appointment.