Binge Eating Disorder Wigan

Stockport Counselling Services offers expert help and sympathetic support to all sufferers of binge eating disorder in the Wigan area.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

If you live in the Wigan area and suspect you need treatment for binge eating disorder, then it helps to clarify what commonly constitutes binge eating disorder.
Binge eating disorder is not variance in your appetite. Rather, it is rapidly consuming excessive amounts of food, and this consumption relating to underlying issues.

It is often called an expressive disorder due to this, namely the binge eating disorder reflecting deeper psychological problems.

Wigan sufferers of this disorder may already have noticed that their rapid consumption, or inability to stop eating despite being full co-incides with feelings of stress, anxiety, anger or other upsets.

Binge eating can bring short-term relief to these feelings only to be replaced later by feelings of guilt or shame.

It can be very difficult to control the compulsion to binge eat. This can often amplify the existing feelings of stress or upset.

The consequences of binge eating disorder can become severe, with suffers more likely to be obese due to their body being unable to process the excessive calorie intake, and then suffering further health problems as a result of this obesity.

Many Wigan sufferers of binge eating disorder either fail to recognise how bingeing relates to their moods and emotions, or, when they are aware, cannot break the compulsive eating cycle. It is unquestionably a distressing condition.

Modern life can be stressful, and there’s no surprise to see binge eating disorder becoming more commonplace – in the United States is has become the most common eating problem.

Sufferers in the Wigan area shouldn’t feel ashamed about seeking help to address binge eating disorder, as there are positive steps which can be taken with Stocport Counselling Services to help develop a more balanced apparoach to eating.

Typical profile of Binge Eating Disorder Sufferer

  • Cannot control eating when bingeing
  • Can eat a large amount of food at any one sitting
  • Eats with great rapidity when bingeing
  • Eats when feel bored or upset
  • Eats large meals even when not hungry
  • Eats alone if has devloped ‘shame’ about their consumption
  • Often is guilty or saddened by quantity of food eaten
  • Has fluctuating weight when bingeing or sudden onsets of weight
  • Often easily irritated

Wigan Counselling and Binge Eating Disorder

Stockport Counselling Services can help binge eating sufferers in Wigan.

We use an enhanced version of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy called CBT-E. This has proven to be very successful at treating Binge Eating Disorder.

It will help tackle binge eating behaviours and understand and counter the thoughts and feeling which generate the compulsion aspect of the disorder.

Call us now to take the first step in improving your health and bringing relief from this distressing disorder.