Break Up Counselling High Lane

Stockport Counselling Services provides people in the High Lane area with break up counselling to help them cope with the end of their relationship.

When the one you love tells you it’s over, it can be one of the most painful life-events that humans have to face, and it’s natural to be broken hearted.

They were your everything, your future. You had dreams and plans, and now they have crashed down around you.

If you live in High Lane and your relationship has ended, you may feel this is impossible to recover from, and that you will never be happy again.

The repurcussions can be huge, mutual friends may be lost, finances affected, social life shattered; all on top of losing the one you love.

You may even start suffering symptoms of depression, stress or anxiety as a result of the end of your relationship.

But, it is not true that you will not be happy again, because Break Up Counselling can help people in the High Lane area get back on track, and start living again.

How Counselling Helps with Break Ups in High Lane

We can help people in the High Lane area come to terms with the end of their relationship and feel better again quickly via break up counselling.

It’s advisable to seek counselling help with your break-up when you feel like you can’t cope, or the world is crashing in around you. Break Up Counselling will help you make sense of what is happening, addressing problems of which you may be unaware.

It’s common to be self-incriminating after the end of a relationship, asking questions like: “Was I too needy, pressuring, distant, busy at work”?

Well, they can be answered, because in your break up therapy you will get to know yourself. And, this will also benefit you for relationships in the future.

Getting to know yourself is absolutely key to having successful relationships. If you don’t know yourself, how can anyone else possibly know you?

Our break up counselling services for people in High Lane will get to the bottom of what went wrong, and prevent it happening again.

If you are picking the wrong partners, together we will find out why, and how to break the cycles that you are repeating over and over again.

You may even get back together with your loved one. If so, after Breakup Counselling, you will be a changed person who has greater insight.

Certainly you will be more mature and less likely to ignore the signs that the relationship is heading for the rocks.
After Break up counselling, you will be wiser. You will be in control of your emotions and much more confident. You will also value yourself more, and you’ll command respect as a result.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Take heart, you’re not the first to feel this way, and you won’t be the last. Everyone comes through it, counselling just accelerates the process.

Call Stockport Counselling Services now for friendly, helpful and discreet Break up Counselling advice in the High Lane area.

Help in Addition to Break Up Counselling


While break up counselling will help people in High Lane get back on track, you can supplement counselling support with the following:-

  • Try not to isolate yourself from other people. Where possible talk things through with friends and family
  • Physical exercise can enhance well-being if you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety die to your relationship breaking down
  • Try to maintain former routines such as work as a distraction from the pain you may be feeling
  • Try to avoid any ‘going off the rails’ instincts such as hitting the bottle, taking drugs or excessive eating.
  • Remember to pamper yourself at this time of distress, so when you can, treat yourself to something simple like a relaxing bath, or a favourite movie
  • Don’t beat yourself up about being sad. The end of a relationship often feels more like a bereavement so it’s normal to cry and feel down in the dumps for a period of time. If you start feeling suicidal, though, seek medical help from a GP in conjunction with our counselling services.
  • It’s a fact of life that many relationships fail, so don’t blame yourself excessively for your failings, and torture yourself with ‘ifs and buts’.