Depression Counselling Stockport

Stockport Counselling Services provides effective depression counselling for people in the Stockport area

Many people in Stockport will be suffering from depression  because as many as one in three people experience depression at some point in their life.

But help is at hand, as counselling for depression is a proven and effective method for turning your life around.

We provide trustworthy, ethical  and effective counselling  for depression sufferers in Stockport, using therapies that get the right results for you.

The symptoms of depression can be devastating , which is why it is wise to to seek professional help for depression.  And,  counselling for depression in Stockport  is something I can offer.  I know what depression is, how it works, how you  feel, and how to help you on the road to recovery. There are  numerous ways to counter depression with counselling which will be tailored entirely for you .

If you think you are suffering from Post Natal Depression, see our page on Post Natal Depression.

Depression can be difficult to unravel even when causes and symptoms seem clear.  You may feel  many of these symptoms yourself, such as problems sleeping or remaining sleep, or a constant low feeling .

But if you live in the Stockport area, counselling help is here for you. I  have counselled many local  people with depression, and can help halt your depression through counselling, and, help to stop it returning in the future.

It helps to detail what constitutes depression: it’s definitely not being sad or in a mood, as these are temporary emotions.

Depression is a constant low feeling, along with other marked symptoms.

It is an illness and feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anxiety are accompanied by physical symptoms  like fatigue, aches and pains, low energy and sleeping problems.

People often get used to living with depression, and think these feelings are now  normal to them, or they may have more physical side-effects than emotional, and look to blame the causes on something else

Do you need Counselling for Depression?

To help you determine whether you need depression counselling, here is a list of usual symptoms. Generally,  more than four of these symptoms over a period of weeks indicate you will benefit from depression counselling.

  • Low flat mood (for two weeks or more)
  • No  interest in activities formerly enjoyed
  • Isolating yourself from family or friend for no good reason
  • Sleeping trouble or maintaining sleep
  • Sleep too much or want to sleep often
  • Crying or want to cry at times without real reason
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Loss of motivation
  • Lack of appetite or over eating  when feeling low(comfort eating)
  • Constant  tiredness,  concentration difficulties or indecisiveness
  • Recurring thoughts of death and/or suicide
  • Sense of hopelessness or pointlessness

If you live in Stockport, and  experience  these symptoms, get counselling  for depression now by phoning  me for a confidential chat or to arrange a free consultation.

Counselling is  crucial  in  treating  depression and Doctors also recognise the effectiveness of ‘talking cures’ instead of, or with, medication.

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