Excessive Worrying Counselling

Excessive worrying can cause untold distress, but help is at hand, as counselling is proven to counter the symptoms of excessive worrying, while challenging the causes. It’s perfectly normal to worry about some things, indeed, worrying possibly evolved with intelligence to help in assessing risks. However, excessive worrying can cause physical and mental symptoms that prevent a person from fully enjoying their lives and being able to relax.

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Counselling can provoke profound and positive change among people suffering from excessive worrying.

Symptoms of Excessive Worrying

People who suffer from excessive worrying will expend considerable mental energy often worrying about things that are unlikely to happen.

Among the symptoms that characterise excessive worrying after:-

  • Difficulty relaxing or ‘switching off’
  • Difficult sleeping due to the mind working over-time
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Spending a lot of time worrying about the future, be it finances, relationships or work
  • Muscular tensions and aches and pain
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing due to preoccupations with worries
  • Obsessive occupation with certain worries about appearance, other people’s perceptions or performance at work
  • The feeling that there’s always something bothering you be it health, work worries or lifestyle worries
  • Inability to relax and enjoy simple pleasures free from ‘overthinking’ about them.

Symptoms can be both physical and mental but excessive worrying is eminently treatable by counselling.

Excessive Worrying Treatment

Counselling is proven to be effective in not only reducing excessive worrying but curing it all together.

Stockport Counselling Services are adept in the treatment of excessive worrying, adopting an integrated therapeutic approach, based on the right treatment for making someone better.

We understand how excessive worry can colour someone’s life dramatically, and work as a co-operative and supportive partner to counter these worries.

It may be that someone who worries excessively will respond best to cognitive behavioural therapy, which will examine the triggers for worry and the underlying causes. Additionally, counselling will provide a platform for preventing relapse into excessive worrying in the future.

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