Facebook Counselling

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and, unsurprisingly, given the huge numbers of people spending a large portion of their day ‘Facebooking’, problems can emerge.

But to clarify: Facebook counselling offered in Stockport in person or by phone is not solely for people addicted to using Facebook, but people who have had problems from their use of Facebook.

These can be as wide and varied as there are people, but some examples of the types of behaviours we are providing Facebook counselling for, include:

  • Facebook jealousy or stalking: anyone who may be constantly checking what an ex or current partner is doing on Facebook, and this becoming an obsessive behaviour which only causes anguish. This can be a real source of conflict in relationships, maybe your partner is regularly keeping in contact with an ex through Facebook despite your dissatisfaction, or maybe there’s photographs on their page that cause you problems. Regardless of the source, the result is anguish and often serious issues in your relationship, which can be alleviated with counselling treatment. Additionally, misreading someone’s behaviours or friends on Facebook leading to conflicts in real life. Both of these behaviours which can affect relationships would benefit hugely from Facebook counselling.
  • Facebook bullying: The intimidation and malice by known or anonymous persons (in online speak, trolls) is well-known and can be devastating, even suicides have been reported due to malicious messages posted online about people. If you are the victim of such behaviours, then Facebook counselling can help you recover you self-esteem and identity, however much you feel it may have been damaged online.
  • Facebook identity theft – Individuals can be prone to people hacking their Facebook accounts, and then posting as that person. Often, the information they post can be designed to cause loss of social standing with pees and embarrass the individual concerned. If this has happened to you, and you are struggling to come to terms with the perceived damage that this has caused you, then you may benefit from Facebook Counselling.
  • Facebook addiction – Individuals who spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook each day, and have consequently damaged their working or social life, may be suffering from Facebook addiction. Again, Facebook counselling can help break the demands being made upon your time by this problem.

The above examples are just a few of the problems that have come from Facebook use, but there are many more.

Ultimately, the problems are sparked by Facebook but relate to deeper, underlying issues, such as being able to form relationships, or sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

Counselling can be beneficial for anyone experiencing such problems as a result of Facebook use.

So, if you are are unhappy or are having problems as a result of things that have happened to you on Facebook or from your use of Facebook, contact us today, and we will be able to design a programme of counselling for your Facebook problems, which will be tailored directly to improving the way you think and feel.