Family Counselling Stockport

Stockport Family Counselling is a key component of the work that we do at Stockport Counselling Services.

After all, our position in our families and ability to interact well with other family members is proven to be vital to an individual’s sense of well-being.

Regardless of the problem faced by a family in the Stockport area, we are confident a methodical, well-designed therapeutic approach can help resolve most family problems.

There are endless types of problems that can lead an individual or group to see Stockport family counselling.

It may be that there’s constant conflict with one individual or it may be the dynamic of the family as a whole which is causing distress or concern.

Rather than allowing rifts to form or risking damaging family break-ups, it’s important to seek professional help.

At Stockport Counselling Services, we first seek to understand the nature of the problem focusing on patterns of behaviour and how these patterns create cycles which can be difficult to break from.

We continually see families in Stockport who have got locked into damaging cycles of behaviour and thoughts. We help make family member understand these cycles, and adopt new healthier behaviour and thoughts to bring more harmony to the family unit

Family Counselling in Stockport Can Help

Regardless of the problems within your family in the Stockport area, we are certain family counselling can help.

Among the type of family issues we have dealt with in the past are:

  • Becoming a family for the first time: having children which may be creating strain on a relationship
  • Family breakdowns:  where separation has occurred from a partner or child in the family
  • Couple relationship difficulties which are causing problems for the family
  • Making and sustaining relationships with other members of the family
  • School and disciplinary problems with a child or teenager
  • Sexual development issues including sexual orientation of a family member
  • Employment Issues placing a strain on family relationships, such as working away from home or long hours

Whatever the issues causing concern for your family, call Stockport Counselling Services for a confidential chat about how we can help through family counselling on: 07825 599794