Phobia Treatment Stockport

For many people in Stockport, phobias can prevent them living life to the full.

An example is someone with a pronounced phobia of flying rarely takes a foreign holiday.

But sometimes, it is best to tackle phobias especially when the object of your phobia cannot be avoided, or is causing anxiety and depression. .

And, counselling is a recommended treatment for people with phobias in Stockport.

By listening to details about your phobia, Stockport Counselling Services can devise a therapeutic treatment which helps you overcome it.

It may be that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) works best for you, whereby we assess and help to change both behaviour and thoughts regarding the phobia. Or it may be that desensitisation phobia treatment, whereby you are gradually exposed to your phobia on a managed basis, works best. But whatever the approach, all phobias are curable.


Treatment For Phobia Symptoms in Stockport


The symptoms of phobias for people in the Stockport area can be minor when the phobia is simple, relating to an object for example, or can have an enormously negative impact on someone’s life when a complex phobia such as agoraphobia – a fear of open spaces and public places.

It is commonplace for people with phobias of any kind to be avoidant of the place, thing or object which triggers their anxious feelings.


We rarely see anyone in Stockport with a phobia exactly the same and to the same degree is another person, which is why the first part of your Stockport phobia treatment will be listening to you, and tailoring the therapeutic approach accordingly.


The physical symptoms of panic attacks: sweating, palpitations, hot flushes, a feeling of being out of control, chest pains, dry mouth and dizziness, are sometimes experienced by people with phobias.


Additionally, pronounced psychological problems can occur such as obsessive thinking about the phobia  along with generalised anxiety.


While people in Stockport with complex phobias may have a hoist of interconnected phobias which much each be unravelled and dealt with therapeutically.


The  type of phobia you suffer from will dictate the amount of counselling sessions that are needed, but be confident that phobia counselling can make a real and lasting difference to your life.


To find out more about how Stockport Counselling Services can help treat your phobia, please phone or email us now.