Self Harming – Manchester

Self Harming is recognised as an intentional act to inflict personal injury to oneself and is often directed at damaging body tissue, without any suicidal intentions. Self-harm is listed as a symptom of borderline personality disorder. However patients with other diagnoses may also self harm, including those who suffer with depression, anxiety dissorders, drug abuse, eating disorders and post traumatic stress disorders.

The most common form of self harm is cutting of the flesh. But there are various different ways in which people will self harm.

  • Overdoses of drugs
  • Hitting or bashing body parts
  • Pulling out/Cutting off hair
  • Swallowing harmful objects or substances
  • Burning oneself

I can work with you using various effective brain training techniques, depending on the severity of your problem, to counteract your self-harming desires or tendancies.  If self harming has become a part of your life, I can help. I cover all areas of Stockport and Manchester. I treat patients from all different backgrounds. But further more, If you want to make a change then im here for you.